All the time, even when you are sleeping. You must wear the aligners for a total of 22 hours a day and take them off only when you eat, drink, or smoke. Wash them and then put back on.

Smoking will stain aligners and they’ll turn yellow, they won’t be invisible anymore. Remove the aligners while smoking, brush your teeth after smoking, then put your aligners immediately.

Remove your aligners while eating or drinking anything other than cool water, brush your teeth after the meal then put on your aligners immediately. Hot food and drinks will ruin and damage the aligners.

Brush your teeth after each meal or smoke before you wear aligners again. Also, make sure that you floss once a day.

Yes, because if you don’t, aligners will stain and get a bad odor. You can clean aligners using mild soap and a soft toothbrush. Never use hot water as it will damage the aligners.

Aligners will start to loosen up after a few days. It is important not to move to another stage before the recommended wear-time.

This is perfectly normal, as your teeth are moving.

Inform your doctor immediately. You should keep all old aligners provided in the alyn-them kit during the treatment.

When initially wearing clear aligners, you may experience some or none of the following:
·    Initially, speech may be affected for a couple of days and it may sound like you have a lisp.
·    As clear aligners gradually straighten teeth and move to the new position, gums are reforming around each tooth as it moves, causing a feeling of “looseness” or pressure.

If your starlynr® treatment plan includes both upper and lower teeth, then yes, you should wear them both at the same time. Wearing only one arch may obstruct the progress and results of the treatment.

Wear each aligner for 2 weeks before you change to the next one.

The starlynr® treatment is designed to wear each aligner set for 2 weeks not less than 22 hours a day. To reach the ex-pected results you must carefully follow the treatment plan.

Any type of dental work must be done before scanning your teeth and start the starlynr® treatment.

Usually implants or bridges don’t affect the aligners treatment; however, your doctor will assess your case.

Visit your dentist for a checkup before getting a starlynr® treatment. The dentist may or may not recommend the removal of your wisdom teeth.

Wait 7 to 10 days after a tooth extraction to book a 3D scan for your gum to heal.

Of course, as there is no contraindication if a patient is pregnant or gets pregnant during the treatment with starlynr®.

It will take a little time to adjust to aligners, but your tongue will quickly get used to it.

It is totally normal to feel sore in the beginning of the treatment, because your teeth are moving. The soreness will disappear after a few days.

Since your teeth are constantly moving, it is advisable to start wearing the aligners immediately after receiving the alyn-them kit.

The treatment duration depends on the case complexity and requires some number of stages according to the treatment plan. Each step in the treatment plan is designed in advance, taking into account wear-time, which is 2 weeks per stage. You should not change the aligner earlier, as this may compromise the results.

To guarantee results, you must stick to the treatment plan and follow recommendations from your dentist.

Yes, starlynr® can treat bite issues.

Put on the aligners by holding the chewie between the teeth, chew on it slowly and move it from side to side. The chew-ies should be used in order to ensure a proper fit of the aligners on the teeth without damaging or over pressuring. It is advised to use the chewies every time you put aligners on.

In order to protect your new smile after your starlynr® treatment, we provide you with a retainer to wear afterwards. Without retainers, your teeth may move a little bit. You should buy new retainers every 6 months.

Wear the retainer not less than 22 hours a day for 2 weeks, then during the night for a long period. You need to replace your retainer every year.

·    Use the chewies or gentle finger pressure to fit aligners. 
·    Remove aligners from the back of the mouth first and then lift them out evenly. Don’t bend the aligner excessively. The extractor can be used to help. 
·    Keep the aligners away from direct sunlight. Store in a dry and cool place. 
·    Don’t wear your aligners while smoking, eating or drinking anything other than cool drink. 
·    Ensure good oral hygiene before inserting aligners. 
·    Don’t use hot water when cleaning aligners. Heat causes damage.
·    Clean the aligners daily, don’t wrap your aligners with tissues, keep them in the starlynr® case.

Make sure you use the correct aligner.
·    On each aligner bag there is a mark with “U” for upper teeth or “L” for lower teeth, followed by the stage number. On each aligner, you will find the stage number.
·    When it is time to switch to the next aligner stage, shift the aligners in the case. Clean and place the aligners that you just finished wearing into the bag. Place your new “current stage” aligners into the case.
·    Don’t use aligners if they are cracked or broken. This can affect the final result. Broken pieces can be harmful and may be accidentally swallowed or aspirated.

starlynr® solution creates a fully customized treatment plan using the most reliable AI-driven and trusted US software for anatomically correct tooth movement. starlynr® works by slowly and gently rotating the forces of your teeth to move them into the right place through transparent aligners.

Aligners are the best alternative to the conventional metal braces.

starlynr® aligners are made from comfortable and transparent FDA-Approved medical grade BPA-free plastic (Essix Ace plastic).

Your starlynr® journey lasts 6 months in average, depending on your case. In general, starlynr® treatments are faster than conventional methods or other aligners systems.

The alyn-them kit includes starlynr® user guide, aligners, starlynr® case, chewies, and extractor. *content may vary from one country to another

We treat both arches at the same time to guarantee that your teeth fit together properly when you bite down.

Yes, starlynr® aligners are almost invisible. To create our aligners, we use Essix Ace plastic, which is one of the clearest in the market. No one will guess that you’re wearing aligners.

Treatment with starlynr® is suitable for adults, teenagers and preteens. If you’re over 10 years, then aligners could be for you.

Our experts design your treatment plan based on your doctor’s request. You can ask your doctor to review the Treatment Planning Simulation before approving the treatment plan.

Click here to find out whether you are a candidate for starlynr® treatment, and contact our support team to locate our nearest satellite clinic in your region to discuss your treatment.

Each smile is unique; therefore, the total cost of treatment will depend on the individual treatment plan. Contact our support team to refer you to our satellite clinics in your region.